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Monday, December 09, 2013

Uinta's Tinder Rauchbier

Smoke Beers or Rauchbiers ("rauch" is German for smoke) are without a doubt an acquired taste in the beer world. I don't think I've ever come across a style of beer that has such a fervent following - while others have no use for it at all. I fall into the "Pro Rauchbier" camp. When they're made properly they are thing a beauty - imparting robust qualities from the smoke while providing spiciness and even brisket notes.

Its origins date back to the 1500's in the town of Bamberg, Germany. They typically have a dark ruby color and have similarities of Märzen biers. Green malts are dried over an open fire of beech wood, imparting a unique smokiness to the malt.

That's why I was happy to hear that Uinta's newest addition to their Crooked Line is to be a nice smoked lager. It's not a conventional choice, it's got a narrow audience, but the Crooked line isn't about conventionality. Tinder is made with German smoked malt from Bamberg; the beer will likely have notes of vanilla, coffee and toffee malts beneath the smoke - as well as slight earthy tastes, but the smoke will always be the star of the show.

Tinder is lagering as we speak and should be making it's debut in January, 2014. What are your thoughts?

Other great local Rauchbiers include RedRock's Bamberg Rauchbier and Desert Edge's Inversion.



rob@microbusbrewery.org said...

I love smoked beers too so I'm looking forward to trying it. I tend to be one that likes a ton of smoke character so I'm hoping it's not mildly smoked in order to appeal to the masses.

Ed said...

Not sure your average Tinder user will be in to it--But I'm on board ;)