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Friday, December 27, 2013

New Beer Friday 12/27/13

Sorry I'm late, I'm on vacation which means I get to sleep in, again my apologizes. We hope the Holidays are treating you all well, and if you didn't get enough cheer during the week we have some new beers that will go nicely with the weekend.

Bohemian Smoked Helles: Mesquite-esque smokiness in the nose with hints of biscuit beneath. The taste is full of sweet malt, and smoke with a hint of spicy hops. The mouthfeel is on the lighter side of medium. A very nice smoke beer. I could easily drink this on a regular basis. @Bohemian

Epic Old Sage Brett:
This is Epic's Utah Sage Saison aged in Brett dosed barrels for about 6-7 months. The Sage is quite prominent with nice smack of sour to accompany it. This is a very limited release. @Epic

Hoppers has the Cask for Firkin Friday at the Bayou: Pale Morning Ale dry hopped with New Zealand Rakau hops. The Rakau hops have a nice perfumy blossom bouquet, mango and pine apple like tropical fruit, and a hint pine resin. The base pale ale has cascade as a late kettle hop.

Raspberry Stinger Hard Apple Cider: The Hive Winery's Stinger hard cider which is partially sweetened with real Utah raspberry juice. The result is a lightly carbonated cider, with the prefect amount of fresh raspberry to blend beautifully with the rich apple flavor. Watch out, it is easy to get “stung” by this cider’s 6.95% alcohol content. Bottle (22 fl oz) - $8.95 Now Available at The Hive Winery.



Anonymous said...

Any word when the annex will be pouring their beers

Mikey said...

All they've said is around the first of the year.