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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Uinta Brewing Company's Brighton Revolver IPA

There's a nice trend happening at our local ski destinations this year. Some of the resorts along the Wasatch Front & Back are teaming up with local breweries to produce unique beers - custom designed for the specific resorts. As of right now there are three ski resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Park City) and one ski lodge (Montage Deer Valley) with beers made from the Utah Brewers Cooperative. Now we can add one more destination getting into the beer game, Brighton Ski Resort.

If you happen to make it to the Bayou last Friday, you may have gotten an opportunity to try Brighton's new beer via Firkin. The new beer made by Uinta Brewing is called, Brighton Revolver Session IPA. This new brand is designed to be a rotating Session IPA that will change in hop profile throughout the ski season.

The first release, or “season opener”, was brewed with Mosaic and Cascade Hops which give it a bright,
floral & citrus essence. Full of ripe, fruity notes - I think it occupied my glass most of the night, it's damn tasty. The next rotation in the series is still being formulated, when it makes it way around we'll let you know.

It's available at Brighton Resort and a few tap handles around town, not in bottles or cans. If you see it, tell us where and tell us what you think.



Ted Strickland said...

any idea where it will be in town? i don't normally ski Brighton, but I'd like to try it.

Dave Bastian said...

I've been drinking it at the State Room. I prefer the Black IPA variety but they are both quite good. Hope this one sticks around a while, tasty stuff.

Joey Wilson said...

I bought a 750ml bottle of Brighton IPA at Trader Joes in SLC this week. Damn tasty IPA. Needs a higher alc content IMO, but this is Utah, what're you gonna do?