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Thursday, June 19, 2014

"801" Uinta's New Community Building Beer

In an effort to engage the local community Uinta Brewing is releasing a new Utah-only brand designed to support local organizations and movements within the state. The new beer called 801 Pilsner is labeled as their "Community Builder" brand and will be donating proceeds and generating awareness for local non-profit organizations. Partnering non-profits will alternate and the featured organization's logo will be incorporated on the 801 packaging.

For the initial release of 801, Uinta has partnered with the Utah Avalanche Center, an organization that Uinta has been supporting for 20 years. The Utah Avalanche Center's mission is to provide backcountry riders with the tools and information they need to stay on top of the great snow in Utah.

This German style pilsner pour a brilliantly clear and yellow gold color with bright white cap of sudsy foam. The nose has a strong grassy/herbal smell with sweet pale malt smell beneath. The taste is similar to the nose. The taste begins with toasty crackers, some lemon and floral hops. A light malty sweetness comes next - that sweetness fades as a spicy/herbal bitterness creeps in towards the end. The finish is mostly dry with a hint of sweetness. It's unique flavor profile comes from its centuries old German yeast strain - that keeps buttery/sulfur notes to a minimum.

 Uinta's 801 Pilsner is scheduled to hit shelves the first week of July. Utah Art Festival goers will have the opportunity to experience the 801 brand which will be the featured beer festival wide June 26-29, 2014.



Michael said...

What a novel idea to use the area code 805 I mean 801 as a brand name for a locals only beer.

But seriously it is cool they are donating proceeds to local groups. Good one Uinta.

Ed said...

Already found it at Smith's this morning (6/20)...

DJ said...

Yes, it hit shelves today, as Ed mentioned. Picked some up at Smith's today. Guess UDABC had no problem oking an 801 label.

Mikey said...

Guess I better pick some up to before someone figures out there's a screwup!

Matthew said...

$3.50 off with your Smith's Fresh Values savings card. What a bargain. :-)