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Friday, June 27, 2014

New Beer Friday 6/27/14

Had a lot of "research" to do last night. I do it for you my brothers and sisters in beer land. Here's some of the data I was able to collect for this weeks New beer Friday.

Squatters Hop Riot: Grapefruit hops in the nose. Quite a bitter citrus flavor, very smooth and a bit creamy with wheat and malt. Very drinkable. Not particularly complex but very decent Session IPA. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters

Bohemian Düsseldorfer Altbier:  pours a clear reddish brown with a moderate cap of beige head. The nose has strong toast with some medium caramel sweetness - hint of pine. The taste has strong malt up front with toasty crackers char and cocoa. Grassy and herbal hops pop in next with a hint of earthy cherry and biscuit in the finish. The flavor is complex and defiantly worth getting your hands on. 6.0% ABV @ Bohemian, Beerhive, Beer Bar, Liquor Stores next week. 

Bohemian Export Lager: pours a clear golden hue with two fingers of thick soapy white foam. The nose is full of  biscuit and bread, some mild grassy/floral hops "punch-up" from behind. The taste starts off bready with some toasty malt as well. Hints of lemon and grassy alfalfa-like hops round out the end. It finishes dry, clean, and with a mild floral hops notes. 5.3% ABV
@ Bohemian, Beerhive, Beer Bar, Liquor Stores next week.

Boulevard Love Child # 4: I havn't had a chance to try this one yet, from what I understand it's a little different from Love Child #3. #4 is made by blending batches of beer, aged for between 11 months and 5 years in whiskey barrels (50%), wine foeders (15%), and stainless steel tanks (35%). The beer gets it's funk from Boulevard's Saison-Brett Lactobaccillus and Brettanomyces yeast strains. 9.0% ABV @Beerhive

Firestone Walker Opel: Hazy or clear - depending on what part of the bottle you get. The nose is lemony with floral/herbal hop notes - light yeast ester as well. The taste starts with great lemon and tangerine flavors with awesome phenolic notes from the yeast. There's a vinous/herbal white grape flavor that comes next with some citrus rind hops. The end slightly pilsner-esque with some herbal/grassy notes. As Saisons go, this isn't quite textbook. As a damn fine summer beer it's off the charts! It has exceeded my high expectations. Firestone walker can do no wrong. 7.5% ABV @Beerhive

Uinta's 801 Pilsner hit shelves and taps much earlier than scheduled. It's pretty much everywhere by now. Go get 'em!

What did I miss?



Jeff Teliczan said...

That LC#4 is amazing but definitely find a friend to help because it's one acidic beast.

Any of these hit shelves at all?

Goofy McWanker said...

Red Rock just tapped a draft black IPA. Good stuff!