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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Trader IPA now in Cans

Session IPAs have become a pretty big trend throughout the U.S. as of late. The idea of have a nice full flavored IPA without the 7% punch has been finding traction with all manner of beer drinkers. Originally brewed in 1994, Trader Session IPA is widely considered to be the original session IPA. Back in '94 it was simply called Uinta "India"
and has been a favorite in Utah ever since.

The new packaging is available now at the brewery in Salt Lake City and should be popping up on store shelves in the coming days.

Also in Uinta news: The next time you find yourself at a Yard House Restaurant consider trying their new house ales. The Yard House has partnered with Uinta Brewing Company to introduce three new house beers. Yard House is now pouring a House Honey Blonde, an IPA and a White Ale, all from Uinta.


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