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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bohemian's New Line of Beers Are Here!

After what seems like decades the boys and girls at Bohemian Brewing are finally rolling out their new line of high(er) gravity beers. Beginning today you will be able to pick up Bohemians new Export Lager and tomorrow they'll debut Bohemian's Altus Albier.

Export Lager is a Dortmunder style lager that hails from the Dortmund region of Germany, they are brilliant golden lagers that are known for their clean biscuity malt character with notes grassy and floral bitterness. They're like a more full bodied German Pilsner.

Bohemian Export Lager pours a clear golden hue with two fingers of thick soapy white foam. The nose is full of  biscuit and bread, some mild grassy/floral hops "punch-up" from behind. The taste starts off bready with some toasty malt as well. Hints of lemon and grassy alfalfa-like hops round out the end. It finishes dry, clean, and with a mild floral hops notes.

Altbiers are a German style brown ale that get their smooth flavor by extended conditioning in the fermentors. The extra time in the tanks mellows out the ale's fruitiness and brings out the toasty grain in the ale, which produces an exceptionally delicate beer. 

Bohemian Altus Altbier pours a clear reddish brown with a moderate cap of beige head. The nose has strong toast with some medium caramel sweetness - hint of pine. The taste has strong malt up front with toasty crackers and cocoa. Grassy and herbal hops pop in next with a hint of earthy cherry and biscuit in the finish. The flavor is complex and defiantly worth getting your hands on.

The brewers at Bohemian have been working on these beers for well over a year. They have undergone dozens of formulation to arrive at this point. I think you'll be able to taste the devotion the Boho's brewers have for these beers.

The Alt is due to hit shelves on Wednesday and both beers should be available in Bohemian's newly licensed package agency store. As always, call be fore making the trip.



kent said...

Excellent I can't wait.

On a side note just saw this article. Written by our own Mikey.


D-Dub said...

As a former resident of Dortmund and frequent visitor to the "longest bar in the world" in Düsseldorf, this is happy news indeed!

Andre Franklin said...

One of my friends is always on the hunt for new beers to try. He likes to think of himself as a sort of beer connoisseur. I think it's been a while since the last time he was able to find something new, so I'll have to run this by him and see if he's seen it yet.
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