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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Happy Hop Hunting!

With over 2500 acres of protected lands in Summit County, the Summit Land Conservancy is seeking volunteers to locate and nurture populations of wild hops. With your help the Conservancy will be able to locate and monitor hops populations to be used in a special edition beer with Wasatch Brew Pub.

About five years ago, former Wasatch Pub Brewmaster, Matt Beamer came up with the concept of using the wild hops that grow in the park city area to bitter-up his then newest creation the Hop Bandit (get it?). Basically a bunch of brewpub staffers and friends of the pub would head up in the morning on a specified day, snatch some vines and make a nice hoppy ale from their yield. It proved to be a very popular ale, but because of the wild nature of the hops the brewers couldn't quite be sure of what kind of bitterness the beer would have from year to year. These hikes are desingned to identifi hop  population to assess its growth and readiness for harvesting.

There will be a series of 5 hikes that will start at 9:30 am and last for 2 hours. These hikes will take place on lands protected by Summit Land Conservancy.

In addition the hike leader will educate you on how the property was put under easement, discuss ins and outs of land conservation, assist you in identifying noxious and invasive weeds and wildlife scat and tracks, and act as an open resource for any questions you may have! Here's the website info if you'r interested in participating in the hikes.

Participants should wear hiking shoes, wear sunscreen and bring water and a snack! Dogs are welcome but must be on leash and friendly!


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