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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Pioneer Day for Some. Pie & Beer Day for Us!

Pioneer Day in Utah is a state holiday that takes place on July 24 each year to commemorate the entry of Brigham Young and his Mormon pioneers into Utah’s Salt Lake Valley in 1847. It was a difficult journey, many died and it's a feat that definitely deserves some recognition.

Some praise Pioneer Day more than others. If your part of that culture (Mormon) you likely consider it one of the more important holidays of the year. If not? Well your likely a minority thinker in our state.

About a decade ago some non-Mormons coined the phrase "Pie and Beer Day' be cause it sounds like Pioneer Day and it also contains two things all (mostly all) counter culture Utahans hold dear, pie and beer. The term quickly caught on and has now turned into a legitimate, counter Pioneer Day movement. It's not meant to be be offensive to Mormons it's more of a "Festivus for the Rest of Us" - something for us "normal' folk to do while we have this odd day off.

There are many private Pie and Beer Day gatherings around the state, if your looking for one but don't have a clan to celebrate with, we have a great option to help you rejoice. The Beer Bar, Salt Lake's newest craft beer hot spot is throwing a Pie and Beer Day bash on Thursday July 24th from 3pm - 5pm. Craft beer and pies from such great eateries such as Carlucci's, Copper Onion, Eva Boulangerie & Bakery, Tulie Bakery, Cafe Rio and Pago will be offered with a specialized beer pairing from the Beer Bar's own Kyle Trammell.

The cost is just $15 and proceeds go to help 90.9FM KRCL. The Beer Bar is located at 161e. 200s. in Salt Lake. Hope to see you there!

Also, former Uinta brewers and current Tenaya Creek Brewing owner, Tim Etter will be featured on this weeks episode of Brew Dogs. If your not familiar with Brew Dogs, it's a TV program that's currently on the Esquire Network that follows the owners of Scotland's Brewdog Brewery as they tour American cities looking to brew extreme beers in unconventional ways. Tim's episode (Las Vegas) has to do with making the world's most expensive beer. New Episodes air Wednesdays at 8pm. Check your local TV provider for channel info. Tenaya Creek's Beers are currently available at the Beerhive and Bayou.


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