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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

MIne Shaft Brewing's Initial Releases

It looks like Park City's Mine Shaft Brewing Company has released some info on their initial craft beer line-up. The breweries new packaging will include 750ml bottles, 22oz bottles, 12oz bottles and cans for most beers and ciders. Seems to be an ambitious start, I guess we'll have a better idea what the market prefers as time goes on.  

Here's a list of Mine Shaft's initial craft beer line-up.
Grape Ale
Mango Ale
Apple Ale
Demong's IPA
Endless Hop Kick-Ass Cog IPA   
Zion Dog Storm Front IPA
Miners Black Lager
Shandy Summer Trail
Sunday Slacker Lager
Wagon Wheel Wheat
Gold Medal Porter 
Arch's Amber Ale 

Mine Shaft is also set to make four cider (likely seasonals) as well . They include -
Standard Apple
Peary (pear)
Mango Cider
Grape Cider     

Though the bottles shown depict all labels on those large format bottles, it does not necessarily mean that all the beers made will be in those bottles. Still no set date on an opening. We'll keep you informed, duh.



kent said...

That's quite a starting lineup. I'll be honest that seems a might ambitious right off the bat. That said I can't wait to get hold of their stuff. I really love that we're starting to get some quality local made cider too. The more the better.

Brian said...

What do we know about this company? Business entity search says they are a foreign LLC from DE. It appears there is nothing local about this company. Inbev?

Derek Hoff said...

Seems to be local ... unless they are truly being disingenuous. http://www.parkrecord.com/scene/ci_25914992/park-city-entrepreneur-plans-world-class-brewery-at

Kevin said...

Hokey, I really get this strong hokey BS fishing for funding/legitimacy vibe from it all. Sorry, I know its lame to dis a new beer enterprise in Utah as it seem like they are rare flowers in need of nurturing. but likely the truth is more about money, influence and some luck getting into any business related to alcoholic beverage sales in Utah. That monkey of my back :)
I cant wait to order a black and tan of "Endless Hop Kick-Ass Cog Zion Dog Storm Front IPA"...cuz its bound to be a mouth full of somtin... and those wine coolers er I mean Cider they have planned
must have some secret bitter apple source or they just plan to centrifuge/back sweeten flavorize into some sweet somtin Grape Mango panty dropping fun sauce.
see I just can't be trusted to be drinking beer and reading the Uthabeer blog and hence rant aimlessly.

Chris Detrick said...

They must be very excited A-B is buying up craft breweries (Goose Island, 10 Barrel, Elysian) as this is their goal listed in their business plan.

"Exit - Acquisition by Major Player, Regional Brewer, Private Equity,or IPO in five years."


Local brewery my ass.

Jsteez said...

The sleazy people in charge of this outfit seem to care a lot about bolstering their egos, accumulating profit, and discussing the business side of things rather than the art of the craft. Further, they don't even care about having a good editor! After reading the website, I found several grammar errors and run-on sentences. This brewery is not local, in fact it is sloppy and disingenuous.