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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sixth Annual Evanston Brewfest

To help get you in the mood for "Pie & Beer Day" next week the City of Evanston, Wyoming will be holding it's Sixth Annual Evanston Brewfest this Saturday July 19th. This has been a great little brewfest - over the last few years, more and more breweries have discovered this little jewel over the Wyoming border making it a huge hit for people who live along the Wasatch Front/Back.

Earlier this year organizers had decided to cancel the brewfest this summer and people weren't pleased. realizing it's popularity the organizers along with the Chamber of Commerce, have stepped up to keep the tradition alive.

The bad part of all of this is that there will be a much diminished showing of breweries. Getting a late start has reduced the participating breweries by two thirds. The good part is  Suds Brothers Brewery -  Prairie Fire Brewing - Snake River Brewing  - Uinta Brewing - Bohemian Brewery - Grand Teton Brewing Co. -  Shades of Pale Brewing -  Goose Island Brewing - Shocktop Brewing and Kona Brewing will be pouring.

Tickets are $30 for unlimited pours and the event will run from 12pm-5pm.

I'm not sure what the setup will be like this year. In 2013 the brewfest was changed from a spacious street festival to a claustrophobic park venue. The food vendors were kept was a very inconvenient block and a half away from the beer tents and the small park space created a "mosh pit" environment.  
I'm not sure if this was an experiment or something the city decided to screw with, but it made the experience less than appealing. As parents who brought their children in previous years quickly realized.

I'd recommend checking it out again this year, if it's a bust this year you may not have it at all next year. What was your experience like last year, was it the same as mine?


Photo: Stacey Fry Jaimez 2012


kent said...

I didn't go last year. I remember people saying it wasn't pleasant. I'll be interested to hear how it turns out this year.

Trent said...

Shades of pale won't be going this year, we are out of beer until we get operations up and running again in SODO.

Make sure everyone has and extra drink for me.


rob@microbusbrewery.org said...

Yeah, kind of the same experience last year except that it was nice to have the grass and the shade...but that area was just too small and too far away from the other vendors. We were planning on going this year but then I saw the brewery list and saw that Odell and most of the other quality breweries were missing. Not to talk sh!t, but I'd put any of my homebrews up against anything from Suds Brothers. Another thing, they aren't doing online sales, only tickets at the gate. Their gate process has never been very organized so the fact that there aren't any pre-sale tickets will only slow the process down. Long story short, we'll be skipping this year and hoping they fix it next year.

Nina said...
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kent said...

Any reports from the fest?