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Friday, September 12, 2014

New Beer Friday 9/12/14

It's not easy getting your butt out of bed before the ass-crack of dawn. Especially when I have so much "research" to do on Thursday evenings. I do it for you, to see your smiling and often grimacing faces each Friday evening. Here's this week's New Beer Friday offerings.

Bonneville - Ton Up Nut Brown Ale. This is a Northern English Brown Ale. It is made with carmelized brown malt and a small amount of chocolate malt for a lovely reddish-brown color and touch of roast in the finish. Hints of toasted malt, graham cracker and nuttiness define the flavor profile, which is accented by a slight hint of earthy English hops.

Bonneville - Peach Wheat: A creamy, crisp wheat beer with the flavor of fresh peaches. Carawheat and honey malts plus milk sugar lends this beer a sweet complexity and delightful mouthfeel.

Moab - Red Rye IPA: Cittrus and florals dominate the nose. The flavor starts with Honey and caramel malts. Big rye spiciness comes next with a nice citrus and herbal hoppiness rounding out the end. 7.0% ABV. Now there are two versions of this beer. the other is a 4% that is on draft and should be popping up in grocery stores. This one is only availble in Moab for now you can buy it in Idaho and California. If you want to change this, start beating down their door. My inquiries have gone unanswered.

New Belgium - Tour de Fall: Dark ruby in color. The nose is citrusy and herbal. The taste starts with caramel malts and a bit of roastiness as well. The end is quite bitter with some citrus and pine resin. It's a nice solid pale ale a little high in ABV for the style (6%) but it's highly drinkable. @ Beer Bar

Payette - Mutton Buster - As with the Red Rye IPA above there are tow versions of this beer in the market right now. You can find the other version on Payette tap handles labeled Ales of No Return. This is a rotating handle so it may change. The original Mutton Buster is a nice American Brown Ale that has a nice roasty and piney nose. The taste is nutty and toasty with some earthy hoppiness. Cocoa notes are also present toward the end. A solid brown ale. @ Beer Bar, Beerhive

The Annex - Ella IPL: The nose has lemon, pine and wheat crackers. The taste is very similar with citrus, pine and spicy grass. It has a lighter body than most, but it's highly drinkable. 4.0% ABV @ Beerhive, The Annex

Epic is also releasing a new version of their Hopulent IPA today. This latest version is made with Lemon Drop Hops. I haven't tried it yet.

Are you into single hop beers? Then today is your lucky day. Epic has four versions of Hopulent out right now. Hopulent Lemon DropHopulent Centenial Hopulent Amarillo and the standard Hopulent. These are at Epic's Brewery in SLC and The Annex. Speaking of the Annex they'll be tapping a mystery firkin this afternoon around 4:30pm. Adventurous? Then get your ass over there!


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Mikey said...

By the way. It has been revealed that the mystery firkin at the Annex is the Schwartzbier with coconut. Sounds nice, eh?