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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Utah Brewers Guild's Harvest Festival

Yesterday, we briefly got into the topic of "wet hopped" beers when discussing Uinta's seasonal Wet-n-Wyld Pale Ale. Basically brewers have taken on a trend to using the freshly harvested green - wet hops straight off the bine. These wet hops are literally dripping with the sticky delicoius yellow resins (lupulin), which carries with it all of the essential aromatic and bittering oils from the hop plant.

This technique can make for very unique/fresh tasting beers. Since the hop harvest only comes around once a year, it's the perfect time to showcase what brewers can do with the fresh hops they've purchased. Taking advantage of this situation the Utah Brewers Guild is going to hold their first annual Harvest Festival: a unique opportunity to showcase some freshest hoppy beers around.

The Harvest Festival will take place on October 11th from 2pm - 6pm at the The Avenues Proper Restaurant and Publick House. $5 gets you in the door - $2 for a 4 oz sample or $5 for a full glass. Participating Breweries include: Avenues Proper, Bohemian Brewing, Bonneville Brewing, Desert Edge Brewing, Epic Brewing, Hoppers Brewing, RedRock Brewing, Shades of Pale Brewing, Squatters Beers, Uinta Brewing, Vernal Brewing and Wasatch Beers. It goes without saying (but i'll say it anyway) this is a 21 year old + event.

Proceeds go to the Utah Brewers Guild so that they can continue to fund great community events like this. Hope to see you there!



Hillary said...

I will definitely be attending this.

Lauren Lerch said...

Me too!

rob@microbusbrewery.org said...

Sounds awesome