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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wasatch's Apple-A-Day Ale

Well, the Utah Brewers Cooperative keeps cranking out the new releases. Today's newest offering was just packaged yesterday. Wasatch Apple-A-Day Ale is an beer-cider hybrid that is just in time to take advantage of the huge popularity in ciders right now. At 5.0% ABV it's still sessionable but it won't put the hurt on you either.

It's described as having apple tartness up front with malt sweetness in the end. It likely has a golden ale for the base beer.

There are a few apple flavored malt beverages floating around out there. If your keen on these type of beers try and drink local. InBev and Miller/Cooers are doing just fine without you. For sale right now at the UBC's Beer Store and Squatters/Wasatch Locations. Soon to most DABC Stores.


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holly said...

I admit, I have drunk many a snake bite (1/2 pilsner 1/2 apple cider), so I am keen to try this. Not sure how I feel about it being pre-blended, but I'll try it anyway.