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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Squatters Black Forest and Vienna Lagers

Squatters has released two new takes on two old brews. If you've spent any time at Squatters you'd be familiar with their Black Forest Schwartbier. It's been a staple at the downtown pub for what seems like decades. The original 4.0% has a long list of accolades making it one of the breweries most acclaimed beers, now it's getting a 6.0% upgrade and will soon be  finding it's way into liquor stores around the state.

It pours a near black color with a dense tan colored head. The nose is of roasted malt, ash, and semi-sweet chocolate. The taste follows the aroma with nice roasted malt, followed by coffee and chocolate flavors with a slight metallic dryness. The finish has a light malt bitterness. At the UBC's Beer Store now and will likely be at Squatters Bottleshop later today or tomorrow. DABC in a week or two.

The other Beer going from the pub to the bottle is Squatters Vienna Lager. This beer has won Gold at the World Beer Cup and was the first beer concocted by former Squatters Brewer Jennifer Talley.

This lager pours a clear light bronze color with a sturdy foam cap. The nose has a nice hop spiciness with hints of sweet Munich grain. The taste starts biscuity with lots of vanilla-esque malt flavors. Spicey and floral hops come next balancing out the malt sweetness. The finishes is bready a bit of lingering earthy hops. Light in body, but smooth on the tongue.This one should be popping up on grocery store shelves in the next week or two and is current available at the UBC's Beer Store and likely at squatters locations later today or tomorrow.

Also, if you looking to participate in the Grace Lutheran Bier Brauen the registration deadline has been extended to today - Tuesday, the 9th at 5:00 p.m. The Bier Brauen home brew contest is part of Grace Lutheran Church and School’s annual Oktoberfest. Bier Brauen, is one of only two officially sanctioned home brewing contests in the state of Utah. Register at www.gracesandy.org. Once registered, contestants can drop off their beers at Grace Lutheran Church located at 1815 East 9800 South in Sandy. Contestants can also drop off at Salt City Brew Supply, 750 E. Fort Union Boulevard, in Midvale and The Beer Nut at 1200 S State Street in Salt Lake City.


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