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Friday, November 07, 2014

Kilby Court Brewing Co.

We interrupt this New Beer Friday with a special bulletin: Another new brewery attacks Salt Lake City! Alvie Carter, the owner of Kilby Court and the Poplar Street Pub has been approved by the city to begin construction on a brewpub located in the Granary District of SLC.

The small brewpub will consist of a small tasting and retail sales area with sandwiches provided by  Poplar Street Pub, located at 242 South 200 West. Seating will accommodate eight people at a sandwich counter with an additional thirty seven seats in the pub. The brewery will be run by Carter's son who is a professional brewer.

For now the new brewpub is called Kilby Court Brewing and will be located at 700 South 316 West. We'll share more info on the brewery as it progresses. Congrats guys!

Now on to New Beer Friday!

Alameda - Easy Ryder Session IPA: This one is a special 4% beer made for the Salt Lake market. The nose is mostly floral, Pine and citrus. The taste starts with a bit of caramel malt then transitions into mostly Pine and a bit of citrus peel. It finishes slightly dry and bitter. It's not bad for a session IPA but there are better options available locally. It's worth a shot. 

Sierra Nevada - Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop: The nose is full of biscuits, pine, orange zest, and some spice. The taste starts with herbal and pines notes, next comes citrus, and some toasty malts. A great IPA, definitely worth checking out.

Ommegang - Game of Thrones Valar Morghulis: The nose is full of biscuit, pine, orange and some yeasty spices. The taste starts slightly earthy and tangy with lots of fruitiness and caramel malts. Herbal dryness and some leafy hop bitterness comes next. For a Belgian style dubble it's quite Hoppy, a little out of style but pretty good. 

Widmer - Upheaval IPA: The nose is full of lemon, grapefruit, orange and Pine. The taste starch dry and bitter with citrus peel and a touch of malt sweetness. The end is much like the beginning dry and bitter. Finishes dry and crisp.

Returning this week
Uinta - Sea Legs Baltic Porter
Wasatch  -Switch
Desert Edge - Citra in Red
Avenues Proper - SkittleBrau, brewed with 85 lbs of real peaches


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