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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Switch is Back!

A little bird or butterfly in this case has informed me that Switch, Wasatch's Port barrel aged sour ale is set to go on sale today. Switch is the brainchild of Utah Beers' Head Cellarman, Adam Curfew. Switch's original release was Wasatch's White Label Witbier that was aged in port wine barrels for 18 months. This new release is described as a sour red ale, aged for two years  -from blends of four different barrels.

I got to try a sample of this version a few months ago before it was bottle conditioned. It was quite bright and tart with a bit a sweet malt beneath. Look for Switch at the Beer Store today. Please call before making the trip. 



kent said...

Did anyone see if this was in the store yet? If you got some what did you think?

Mikey said...

It is for sale. There are some comments on the Utah Beer Facebook page.

kent said...

Thank you good sir.