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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Book of New Beer Friday

Have you heard about New Beer Friday? It's Another, Another Testament of Jebus. Plus this one has gigantic freak'n robots fighting big-ass Kaiju! Before we get into our lesson, I'd like to read from the book of Armaments Chapter One, verses nine through twenty-seven: And Saint Attila raised the Holy Hand Grenade up on high saying, "Oh Lord, Bless us this Holy Hand Grenade, and with it smash our enemies to tiny bits." And the Lord did grin, and the  people did feast upon the lambs, and stoats, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and lima bean.  -- Monty Python, "The Holy Hand Grenade"

Epic - Element 29 Pale Ale: Yes, it's finally here! The American Pale is copper colored of course with a nose full of pleasant citrus and floral hops. The tastes starts with a bit of caramel and cookie dough with ripe peaches. Hops take over towards the end bringing forward floral and citrus zest. finishes moderately dry. 5.2% ABV @ 300 w. Wine Store

Uinta's Brighton Ella IPA: This one was just bottled yesterday and should be available for purchase at Uinta's Brewery Pub today and all over town in the coming days. This one is slightly different from the others in a couple of ways. It features Ella Hops from Australia. These can display floral and subtle spice notes, such as star anise, which is best appreciated in lagers or pilsners. With larger additions or when dry hopping, Ella imparts distinct grapefruit and tropical flavors which can be used to offset robust malt and yeast characters in many styles. This version of Brighton will be packaged in 750ml. cork and caged bottles as well as draft kegs. 4.0% ABV

Guinness - 1759 Amber Ale: This is described as an ultra-premium beer brewed with traditional beer malt and superior-quality peated whiskey malt with a rich butterscotch aroma and a fruity sweetness. Expect a bit of bottle shock if you find them at the DABC expect to pay upwards of $35 for a 25oz. bottle. The Beer Bar and the Bayou also have some. Not sure what they're pricing them at but I guarantee it's more than $35. 9.0% ABV

Rogue - New Crustacean Barlywine-ish Imperial IPA Sorta: This has a nose of biscuit, Bit o' Honey, fruity/tropical hops and some floral notes. The taste starts with sweet crackers and biscuit. Pineapple notes and some lemon zest come next. The end is floral and piney with a hint of boozy apple tartness in the finish. Quite nice. 11.6% ABV. 

Rogue - Morimoto Hazelnut Ale: As I understand it this is the same beer as Rogue's Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale. 6.0% ABV  - Should be for sale state wide 

Rogue - Dad's Little Helper Black IPA: Pours a dark brown color with a beige frothy head. The nose has a nice balance of roasty malty/citrus piney hops. The taste is the same with roasty, chocolate, and some subtle plum notes. Cutrus and pine come next with some coffee notes rounding out the finish. Nice BIPA. 6.2% ABV.  For sale everywhere

Returning Favorites

RedRock - 2014 Secalè: This Latest version is more balanced than previous versions. Where as the pervious versions were more whiskey forward - Expect a bit of chewy caramel malt with a more balanced amount of High West Rye Whiskey in the back end. 8.5% ABV @ RedRock and better beer bars.



ZB said...

Hmm Rouge, never heard of that brewery. Is it french?

Mikey said...

It is... sorta. Thanks, Smart-ass. :)