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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Barrelhouse

Listen up Ogden! There's a new craft beer spot in your neighborhood that's all about satisfying your inner beer geek. The Barrelhouse is located in the basement of Ogden's Century Club and features a beer list over a century long... see what I did there? The Century Club?... 100? .. never mind. As I was saying, it's got a bottle list a mile long and a tap selection that's void of those "fizzy yellow beers".

Look for an expanded bottle selection of some of the newer beers to come into the market from out of state breweries such as Alameda Brewing and Resignation Brewing.

You won't find any standard bar glassware either, all beers are paired with their proper glassware along with a staff that has been educated in all the beers served. The Barrel house is located at 315 24th Street in Downtown Ogden and is now open for business.

Today, the Annex's "Middle of the Firkin Wirkin Work Week" Firkin is the Annex IPA with Amarillo hops. Tapping is at 3pm and you can grab a pint of this for just $3.



Diamond Mind said...

Intriguing, might have to try it, even if it is Ogden!!

Unknown said...

You should go especially because it is in Ogden.