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Friday, January 13, 2017

Another Friday the 13th New Beer Friday

 Shades of Pale Espresso Stout - Releases latter today, so I haven't tried this yet. This is a new stout made with Ogden's Daily Rise Coffee. 8% ABV @ Shades of Pale

Shades of Pale Salt City Citrus - Releases latter today, so I haven't tried this yet. This the second New England Style IPA released this month (2Row's Tastes Like Citrus was the first). Look for  murkey IPA with big citrusy hops. 7% ABV@ Shades of Pale

Desert Edge Wai-iti Pale Ale. This is a single-hop pale ale made with Wai-iti hops from New Zealand. The Wai-iti hops add a nice citrusy aroma and the flavors of stone fruit, lime and grapefruit zest. The light malt flavor lets the hops shine through and a medium bitterness balances the fruity hop flavor for a crisp and refreshing beer jammed with hoppy goodness. 4.0% ABV @ Desert Edge

We'll discuss these and other beers with Mick and Allen on New Beer Friday's KBER101 segment at 3:30pm every Friday.



Don D. said...

I tried both Shades of Pale brews yesterday while helping to bottle them. Awesome is all I can for both!

Matthew Walker said...

The wine store on 3rd West has a few new brews. Session Black Cherry Black is out. Tastes like a Luden's black cherry cough drop mated with a Schwarzbier. Full Sail released it's spring seasonal of Papaya IPA. The papaya melds nicely with the hop profile. So delicious. Lastly Sam Adams has Hopscape out which is a wheat based IPA.

Steve Moga said...

The Wai-iti at Desert Edge is delicious. Great balance of hoppy bitter and malt grain goodness. Shows just how creative brewers can be within the confines of 4.0