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Monday, January 16, 2017

Utah's New Brewery Updates

Over the last couple of years we've brought you all the info on the new breweries coming to a zip code near you. Many have already opened their doors and a few are in the process of opening up shop. I thought it would be helpful to give you all updates on the breweries and brewpubs that I've previewed and profiled over the last year or so.

Mine Shaft Brewing Co - Status: In Development. It's been two and a half years since we first brought you info on this ambitious Park City Brewhouse. They appear to still be searching for private funding and have a very active Facebook page that is updated often, however it offers little info on their opening. No response for my update request as of this writing. 

Maple Mountain Brewing Co. - Status: In Development. The Utah County boys are still fighting with Provo City on an alcohol manufacturing license. Maybe it's time to look at another city?

Canyon Brewing - Status: In Development. The partners are in negotiations for a brewing property and are working through some zoning issues right now. Their goal is to have CBC brews available in 2017.

Kilby Court/Poplar St. Brewing - Status just a concept.

Kiitos Brewing - Status In Construction.  Has finally received their permits from Salt Lake City for the last phase of construction. Hoping to fire up their brew system late Spring (if all contractors stay on schedule).

RPM Brewing - Status: In Development. Has scrapped their nano brewery in Draper but is still pursuing the idea of a production brewery located closer to downtown SLC. The RPM's Garage restaurant is still open in Draper.

Branagan's Brewery - Status: In Development. After a year long negotiation with Sandy City, Heather Branagan has received approval for their brewing and liquor licenses! Heather says she will be getting them in February/March. The wheels are slowly turning, but they are turning. The brewpub will be located in the area of 9000 s. 200 w.

Salt Fire Brewing - Status In Construction. These guys get the award for the most under the radar new brewery. You'd be hard pressed to find any info on these guys anywhere on the interwebs. However, they do have their brew system in place. It's located just a few doors down from Shades of Pale Brewing in South Salt Lake City. Hope to have more info on this new brewery in the coming days.

Toasted Barrel Brewery - Status In Construction. We haven't discussed Toasted Barrel yet because there hasn't been much to report on. Today we have much to talk about. They have officially acquired a building located at 422 w 600 n just next to the soup kitchen restaurant in the same Marmalade neighborhood as RedRock's Production Brewery. They've acquired a 7 bbl brew house and will be getting things started with 4 4.5bbl fermenters. They are strong believers of keeping to the style of that beer. They'll be starting with 4 beers available in 22 ounce bottles. A kettle soured Berliner weisse at 4%, a mixed fermentation saison at 4%, a white IPA at 5.5% and an American hybrid hoppy wheat beer coming in at 8%. As soon as their fully licensed, they will start brewing and and begin barrel aging their mixed and spontaneous fermented sours. Another planned beer will be a14% American sour Quad made with blueberry and pomegranate. Their main goal is to provide Utahans with awesome spontaneous locally made lambic styles. Stay close for more info on this news and exciting addition to our beer scene. 

A. Fisher Brewing - Status: Brewing but not Open. The Fisher boys have beer fermenting away in the tanks as we speak. They want to fill their taps handles with beer before officially opening the doors. The actual opening of the tap room is still a few of weeks away, probably early/mid February.

The RoHa Brewing Project - Status In Construction. Should have their brewery online in a week or so and will likely be opening their doors to the public in late February. Look for draft beer along with 12 ounce bottles and cans.

These are not the only new places on the horizon. There are others in the works, I'm still trying figure out if their legit. Stay close for more new brewery news.


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