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Friday, January 20, 2017

New Beer Friday - Happy Place Edition

This probably one of the best weekends to drown out all of the noise. Pop in your favorite 8-track, pour yourself some new beers and deal with the rest on Monday.

Strap Tank's New Hope Brown - Made with 50 lbs of 'Organa' Texas roasted pecans, cinnamon, orange peel and apricot. It's described as an uber crushable spiced-brown ale and Strap Tank's ode to a lifelong inspiration of Carrie Fisher, and new beginnings. 4.0% ABV @ Strap Tank

Proper's Snow Plow Pale - This American pale ale is described as both dry-hopped (think Citra and Lemondrop) and dry. . .peeled (meaning they added grapefruit and lemon peel after fermentation), resulting in a bright and hoppy brew that's chock full of midwinter citric joy. 4.0% ABVFull Sail Session Black ~ Black Cherry Lager - Not tried this yet. Thanks to Matt Walker for spotting this. 6.5% ABV @ DABC

Full Sail's Papaya IPA - Full Sail describes this as having notes of papaya with Pale and wheat malts along with healthy additions of Equinox and Cascade hops provide the perfect golden base for the addition of papaya. The result is a refreshing IPA with the subtle essence of papaya. Tropical aromas of citrus, passion fruit, and papaya are well complemented by clean malt notes. Thanks to Matt Walker for spotting this. 6.2% ABV @ DABC

Stone's Enjoy by 02/14/17 - Looks like an average IPA, smells like an IPA with a bit off coffee buried far below. The taste is mostly citrus and fruity hops with some cocoa and coffee. It kinda takes this into Black IPA territory - without the black. Not too bad,  but it's not in my groove. 9.4% ABV @ The BeerHive  

Stone's Ripper - The nose has grapefruit, orange, grass, peach and caramel. The taste has a good amount of sweet caramel and toasted bread, balanced with red grapefruit, orange flesh, a bit of apricot and pineapple, and dirty grass and pine on the finish. Not sure why it's called "Ripper". It's far from getting me ripped at it's pleasant 5.7% ABV. @ Beerhive

2Row's Dark Alley Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout - Looks like Utah has a new ABV beer champ. The standard Dark Alley from 2Row is already big at 13.4%, The barrel aging in this new version bumps it up to a bulky 14.9%. Luckily it doesn't taste like it. Look for molasses cocoa, dark fruits and of course Bourbon. Great beer! it goes on sale Saturday at 11am at the brewery. Very limited. This was brewed with the cooperation of SLC's Whiskey Street. Most of the bottles can be found there if you miss out at the brewery.

2Row's Hopslinger - This new IPA debuts Saturday also. Brewmaster, Brian Colman describes this one as an unfiltered massive 2x dry hop with a ton of tropical fruitiness. This one utilizes a different yeast than most of his IPAs. He also says, "it's similar to a New England style IPA flavor-wise with the mouthfeel of of a West Coast. It's a 2Row IPA - it's gotta be wonderful! 7.2% ABV @2Row

All this and more coming up today at 3:30pm when New Beer Friday on KBER 101 hits.

And, just a little House Keeping announcement. I've decided to delete the Utah Beer Forum. We created the forum back before social media really took hold. With the advent of Facebook and all the other social media outlets it's become obsolete. I really appreciate the efforts of those participated and made it work. Please feel free to keep on doing what you've already been doing... this time with your clothes on.


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