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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Talisman Seasonals Get Bonafide

Talisman Brewing has had a bunch of seasonal beers pop up over the past year. Two of the most popular brews are moving away from their generic special edition packaging to some new "bonafide" names and labels.

Talisman's Triple IPA is the only currently made TIPA that's brewed locally, when it hit's the bottle shop it goes fast. As the name suggests, this a big beer. At 11.3%. Hazards TIPA is not as sweet as you'd think, with a generous amount of citrus-peel-like-hops with additional herbal bitterness. 

The other "bonafide beer" is Talisman's Killer Grove Blood Orange Wheat. Once confined to growler sales, this citrusy wheat beer keeps walking out the door when it hits the taps. It's doughy wheat base provides a nice base for the orange and grapefruit flavors that rule the beer. 4.0% ABV.

These new looks should debut in the coming weeks.


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