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Friday, February 24, 2017

New Beer Friday - Fisher Edition

Not only is it New Beer Friday, but it's New Brewery Friday as well. After nearly a year of waiting the A. Fisher Brewing Company officially (re)opens to the public tomorrow. The Fisher boys hope to have 12 beers on tap by Saturday morning, I have some tasting notes on most of those - some won't be tapped until Saturday morning. Let's get to it! Note: The Fisher Beers go on sale to the public on Saturday 2/25

Fisher Classic Pilsner - Great toasty cracker flavors with some sweet dough. The hops are asertive with grass and hebal bitterness. I guess it's appropriate that the flagship brand be the most tasty and interesting. 4.0% ABV

Fisher Red Ale - On the fruitier side for a re ale. Look for caramel malts with some slight berry notes along with complimentary tropical hops. One of the more popular beers of the night. 4.0% ABV

Fisher Pale Ale - Sadly, never got around to this one - and I'm a pale ale nut! 4.0% ABV

Fisher Hefeweizen - Straight-up classic banana and clove here. The yeast is running the show with beer. delish! 4.0% ABV

Fisher Porter - Roasty and bold as you'd expect, with some unexpected liquorish notes. Not quite to style but enjoyable non the less. 4.0% ABV

Fisher Hoppy Lager - This lager is a vienna at it's base and has a good dose of vanilla malts with big herbal/grassy hops punching out. A nice IPL. 4.0% ABV

Fisher White IPA - There's a very aromatic nose of citrus peel here, along with light biscuit malt. The hops finish it off with nice citrus and tropical flavors. Very nice! 4.0% ABV

Fisher Cascadian Dark Ale - Me no have.... 4.0% ABV

Proper Brewing Lime Cheeks Mexican Style Vienna Lager - The malts suggest corn, though there is none. The hops are grassy with a bit of spiciness. Subtle lime tartness rounds out the back end. Easily crushable. 4.0% ABV @ Proper Brewing

Bohemian Bremish Gold - slightly tart sweet brown malt. Nice lemony tartness, combined with a bit of light toffee malts. The result is a brilliantly modest but balanced tart beer. Well worth you time. 4.0% ABV @ Bohemian

Base Camp 4th Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Saison - I thought was going to be a phenolic bomb, happily it isn't. there's plenty of saison here but the rest is pleasant vine berries aged in vague red wine barrels. the alcohol is very well hidden as well. 10.5% ABV @ Beer Bar, Beerhive,


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