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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Sours for the Sweet!

Valentine's Day is generally reserved for the sweet. Not this year, if you're a beer geek and and really want to impress your significant other then today is all about those sour of heart. Today, we have two beer releases; and trust me, even if you don't have anyone to cause your lips to pucker today, these beers will fill the bill, nicely.

Epic's Oak and Orchard Sour - This brand new beer is a dark sour with plum is aged in whiskey barrels and blended with party of souring critters to create a fruity and puckering ale that will get your lips smacking in more ways that one. Epic has about 1000 bottle available in Utah, so there's no need to stampede the bottle shop, but if I know you guys, you're already lining up. Epic opens today at 11am.

The 2017 Rêve is also being released today at all Red Rock Brewpubs (Downtown, Fashion Place and Park City Junction). However, RedRock's Beer Store release will be delayed this year, and is currently scheduled for Saturday, February 25th at .11:00am. In case your're not familiar, Rêve is a Belgian Style Tripel aged in Oak and is inoculated with Brettanomyces and Bruxellensis yeast strains add a snappy tartness to this beer. The 2017 Rêve is available in 750ml and 500ml bottles. 10.3%ABV.


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