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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Shades of Pale's New Double Trouble DIPA

Tomorrow, Shades of Pale will be releasing Double Trouble, their newest IPA. This new IPA is a Northeast Style DIPA that dials in at 10% ABV. This beer is described as having incredible grapefruit aroma, with citrus fruits flavors and medium bitterness - extremely juicy, super fruity and boast a high drinkability (At 10%, I'd not test that theory with out Lyft).   

This new DIPA will go on sale Thursday morning and it will be packaged in 12 oz bottles. If you want to take some home to the "man cave" or the "she shed" you'll only be able to purchase them at the brewery.


1 comment:

Don D. said...

I had a taster of this before it was bottled. It will be another Shades beer that will be in my fridge at all times!