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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Mikey's Citra IPL Returns

Last year about this time 2 Row's Brian Coleman and I were talking about beer. Yeah, shocking, right? Anywho, Brian was looking to brew something news and I was craving a not so typical, yet crushable lager for warm weather drinking. To my surprise, he liked my suggestion.

Basically I craved two of my favorite things, the clean drink ability of a Pilsner mixed with the citrusy smack of an American IPA. Within days our concept was in the tank and seven weeks later it
hit the shelves with much appreciated kudos from local beer nerds.

Last month, Brian and Assistant Beer Guru, Clay Turnbow put the Citra India Pale Lager back into the tank and decided to put a adequately handsome Hobbit on the label. The beer has that straight-up - 2 Row flavor punch and I'm honored to have my bobble-head adorned on it. Plus, I understand that Jason Stock was not available.... 

Mikey's Citra IPL is for sale right now at the brewery, Dick n' Dixies and The Bayou. Should be popping up today or tomorrow at Beer Bar, BeerHive and Slackwater.



RoadKill said...

End of the article you named Bayou twice! Did you mean to put in Beerhive instead? If so then you owe me a beer for this mistake. It's my fee for proofreading! Cheers!

Mikey said...


Diamond Mind said...

I still can't vote for some reason...probably on purpose..

kent said...

Nice label, great beer. Now you're famous I suppose.