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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Party at Rob's House err..Idaho!

Believe it or not, June is less than 40 days away. Big deal, right? Yes! it is a big deal - June is the beginning of summer, and summer is beer festival season! To christen beer fest season we start with one of Utah's best beer festivals.... Now before you start lathering yourselves up into a frenzy, there's a slight problem with our beer festival; we have to hold it in Idaho. I know, I know it's a bit confusing but look at it this way.

Remember when you were younger, and you wanted to throw a huge 'rager' of a party? Sadly you couldn't because you lived with your parents. Of course mom and dad always said, "no". Then you'd go over to your buddies house (let's call him Rob) and ask him if it was cool if you could do it over at his dump. Of course good ol' Rob says, "fuck ya"! and the party would commence. Well, that's kinda our situation here. The state of Utah is "mom and dad", and "Rob" is Idaho.

Well, the Party at "Rob's House" is Saturday, June 2nd from 12-5pm at Sandy Downs in lovely Idaho Falls. To keep it formal we'll call it the Mountain Brewers Beer Festival. One of the great things about this event is that it's not just a beer fest, the preceding week will see dozens of judges, critiquing beers from all over the world, looking to praise the best suds out there.

You'll be able to sample hundreds of different unlimited beers from over 60 breweries! The ticket price is $40 and there are no 'day of' ticket sales. Tickets must be purchased online here, or in advance at select Utah breweries. As of this writing the breweries have not been named, but in the past they have been sold at Uinta, Bohemian and Roosters. More festival info can be found here - and please keep checking back for updated info. So, who's planning on going?


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