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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

SB132 Looks to Increase Utah's Beer ABV

Your 2019 Beer legislation has been drafted and assigned a bill number. SB132 doesn't do much, beside raising the current ABV from 4.0% to 6.0%. "Heavy beer" or liquor as the state refers to it would be anything above 6.0% and would continue to be wrangled at DABC stores. Keg beer would also slide up to 6.0% ABV,; again just moving the markers up the field again.

This is all fun and good and it looks like it will help a little; reality and experience tell me this will not make it past the House or will never come up for a vote. The best case scenario in my opinion is that SB132 will be neutered in committee and reduced to around 5.0% ABV. That I believe is the best case for 2019 legislation.

I'd love to hear your comments.


Sean said...

Sailed through committee. Full support of the UDABC. Strong chance of passage... Until the South Temple dog whistle happens. And you know it will happen.

Mikey said...

It seems like this is happening very quickly. I feel like this will die in the house or just never make it to a vote. Remember a few years ago, that bill that eliminated draft beer limits? It sailed through both branches but never made it to a vote.

Bryce said...

They will probably vote to go home early like they did the last time a bill like this was on the table, disregarding all the work put in by many people to have the bill looked at and voted on.

kent said...

So the church has officially given the thumbs down I hear?

Mikey said...

I guess we’ll see which is more influential. A trillion dollar tax exempt church or multiple billion dollar (mostly tax exempt) corporations. 🧐