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Friday, February 15, 2019

New Beer Friday 2/15/19

I promised some great beer news the other week in regards to a new a brand coming into the state. Earlier this week The Bruery from Orange County, California became available due to the efforts of Beer Bar's Richard Noel and Duncan Burrel. These super heroes managed to bring in eight new labels with more to come. Happy New Beer Friday! 

Shades - Kveik 7:  The strawbeery is blended perfectly with the tart base. One of the best of the Kveiks yet. 5.5%. At Shades. 

SaltFire Saison de Trahison: This saison features black currents and black cherry. It's desribed as having a great balance of tart and sweet. It debuts at 3pm today at Saltfire . 6.3%

Fisher Amarillo K├Âlsch: Spritzy and citrusy with very a light toasted malt profile. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher Full Nelson Pale Ale: Light toasty body that has a nice hop profile that is mostly tangerine peel along with vague berry notes. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher Hoppy Commotion: Toasty and dry with minimal malt sweetness. Good dose of hops which are citrus like, but mostly piney. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

RoHa Keifer Sutherland Hop Dust Pale Ale: Very resiny with pine notes and some citrus peel. There's a good amount of malt sweetness and it finishes nicely bitter. 4.0%. At RoHa.

RoHa - Sour Brown: I'm told this could debut today or tomorrow. We'll let you know when it does. 4.0%. At RoHa.

Strap Tank Sweet A’s: Sorry no notes on this. 4.0% Available at Strap Tank

Strap Tank Suave Guava: Sorry no notes on this. 4.0% Available at Strap Tank

Toasted Barrel Tropical Sour: Sorry no notes on this. 6.0% Available at Toasted Barrel

The Bruery - So Happens it's Tuesday: This stout has a nose that is full of cherries, raisins with oak, vanilla and hints of bourbon.  The taste is dark and heavy with cherry and raisin. There is some dark chocolate, alcohol and oak in the background. Finish has a mild alcohol astringency but is mostly intense dark fruit with hints of chocolate and bourbon 14.6%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery- Or Xata: Aromas of cinnamon, vanilla beans, and spices. Taste followed suit, but with a sweet malty undertone. Tastes sugary rather than bready. The cinnamon is quite dominant throughout 7.2%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Orchard Wit: Nice hit of lemon peel-like tartness with an added touch of subtle sourness, notes of oak and spice, finish has lingering notes of orange peel, mix of tart and sweetness. 5.9% Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Mischief: Nuce funky esters in the golden ale. It’s got a nice citrus and melon hop thing happening. 8.5%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery  - Bakery Coconut Maroon: Coconut and bourbon shine here. This one is definitely chewy and boozy at 13.0%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Terreux More Room For More: Tart stone fruit with wheat dough and funky Barrel tannis. Think: Barrel-Aged fruited weissebier. 5.7%.  Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Frucht Fruit Punch: Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - 11 Pipers Piping: Taste of big caramel, brown sugar, toffee, raisin, plum, prune, cherry and fig. This would have killed over the Holidays. 11.0%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - The Bramble: Missed this one. It's described as an American sour ale was aged in oak barrels with fresh raspberries which impart a sweet-tart flavor complimenting the sour ale base. Pleasantly sour wit a crisp and refreshing taste. 8.7% .Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

Golden Road Wolf Among the Weeds: Missed also. 8.0%. Available at DABC.



Unknown said...

Where is Wolf Among Weeds?!! Excellent IPA!

Mikey said...

I know the Avenues liquor store has it.