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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hoppers La Nymphe Biére D'été

Hoppers doesn't make many high point beers as of late, but when they do they are extraordinary. The newest beer in Hoppers line of limited edition ales was actually designed for summer; however the universe being the uncooperative place that is, decided September would be more appropriate. And in this case I agree.

La Nymphe Biére D'été is made with local Solstice malts and was fermented with traditional French Ale yeast. The result is a beer full of fruity yeast esters that scream peach, fig and bubblegum. Crackery malts are on full display as well along with an ever-so-slight touch of alcohol as well.

Taste-wise, it starts off with a nice, bready malt character. Not a particularly heavy or dark, but bready nonetheless. There are additional snaps of crackers and honey. The French yeast is clustered around the middle and end, offering up some white grape and pear. Grassy and floral hops of the noble variety also give a gentle, earthen grassiness on the finish. The 8.1% is practically in the basement as it comes across more like a 6.5% ale. 

For such a simple beer this really offers up some complex elements that works as a sipper, a quaffer  or as a table beer. This is one beer you'll want on your bar or cellar. La Nymphe is presented in a 750 milliliter bottle and goes on sale today at 11am. Only at Hoppers (for now).


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kent said...

Mmm I'm psyched. Thanks Mikey