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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Stein Holding Competition at TF Brewing

In a feat of strength and stein grasping prowess, I became a god among men. The time was 2018, the place was Bohemian Brewery’s Oktoberfest Celebration. The strongest, most virulent men from all over the globe clambered for the right to be be crowned the ‘Stein God’. Wait.... I’m being told things didn’t happen that way? Oh well, that’s how I remember it; truth be told?  I did manage to eat out a win against some very nice, fun loving and very able beer lovers.

If you want to be a beer god like me, consider checking out the Templin Family Brewery’s Oktoberfest Celebration this Saturday September 28th. Besides shloads of fresh, fresh German beers there will be a sanctioned Stein Holding Competition. TF Brewing  just became the only Utah member of the U.S. Steinholding Association.

If you’d like participate in the Masskrugstemmen Competition here's the info you're going to need.

Sign-up sheet will be at the brewery day of the event.

Basic Rules:
1. One liter dimpled glass stein filled with beer to the 1L. line. Approximately weighing in at 5lbs.
2. Arm must be completely straight and parallel with the ground. No bending at the elbow.
3. Stein must be gripped by the handle.  Thumb cannot rest on the stein handle, it must rest with the other fingers.
4. Opposite arm must remain at the competitors side.
5. If any amount of bier spills or drips off the stein you are disqualified.

Visit www.ussteinholding.com for more information about the Association as well as a detailed version of the rules and regulations. Hope to see you there!



Unknown said...

You're always a beer god to me Mikey :)

Mikey said...

Ah shucks....