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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deja Brew

Are there any Corona swillers in the house? I don't normally drink it... maybe a few, during the summer, or when vacationing south of the border. Well, if you are a fan, you may have noticed the very subtle migration of Corona Extra from the State Liquor Stores, to your local convenience/grocery stores. It used to be that if you wanted a Corona, and there wasn't liquor store near-by, you settled for the watered down Corona Light from the local "Gas 'n Sip". Well, for the most part CL brand has gone the way of Brigham Young's Distillery (yes, he owned one) and replaced with the marque brand.
But, did you know the differences between the two were very minute. Corona Extra weighs in in at a hefty 4.6%abv. Corona Light 4.0%abv. So, since the king is dead. Long live the king! Even though his rule has been somewhat lessend.
So, I wanted to through it out there. Is a 0.6% deficit enough, to make you drive to Wyoming or Nevada for "Full Strength Coroana". Fuck No! and... do you even give a rats fart???

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