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Friday, February 17, 2006

Mountain Brewers Fest

Utah's best beer festival is back!!! Well... actually it's Idaho's, but we Utahns love it just as well. If you've never attended this festival, you've really missed out. It's located in Idaho Falls, a quick three hours from SLC and will host 80+ brewers from the western states and beyond. This is an outdoor event held beneath giant tents with tons of food and music. This is a one day event, scheduled for June 4, 2005 at Sandy Downs (the city's horse track and rodeo grounds) and will run from noon to 6 pm. Click on the title for a link to their site.


brewtopian said...

We're looking forward to this years event but we haven't been able to get anyone on the phone or via email to answer questions for us. Do you know how we could get in touch with someone up there?

Also, this won't be the only beer festival in Idaho this year. We're putting together the first annual Big Beer Float River & Beer Festival in Boise Aug 8-9. Hope to see you there.


Mikey said...

Sorry, I have no contacts at the NABA. Their website is how I get most of the info.