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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Leffe Blonde Abby Ale

There's a great treat available at the Bayou for a short time. Mark scored a couple of cases of Leffe Blonde Abby Ale. It's not normaly available in slc. This shipment made it's way here for The Sundance Film Festival. This is a nice ale. It reminds me of a low alcohol Belgium Tripple. The nose is of sweet malts, candi sugar, pear, spicey yeast and clove. The taste starts honey-esque with fruits, strong yeast and spice, with a lightly hopped peppery/floral finish. I'm a "brunette" guy, but I'll drop my droors for this blondie anytime.


Brendan said...


i never got your email, not sure if you reveiwed comments below, but you're welcome to excerpt portions of "Boogie goes to Utah" for the blog. All I ask is that you credit me and my blog.
thanks! visit philly, I'll get you hammered at Monk's.

Anonymous said...

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The Beer Experience said...

Leffe Blonde, 6.6% ABV

Leffe Blonde is no doubt the most famous of the Leffe brewery's portfolio of about eight beers (regular and seasonal). This pale ale is a year-round favourite internationally and is available at just about every venue that serves any form for Belgian and/or world beers. Its ubiquity is for good reason, as it is an excellent example of a Belgian spicy pale beer ...

My review of Leffe Blonde