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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We Are Not Alone

I like a good cigar now and then, but I wouldn't consider myself a smoker. To be honest, I hate cigarettes. I hate going to the pub or club, then going home hours later, saturated with the stench of cheap, chemicaly treated tobacco. So, I guess i'm for the ban. Well I guess we're in good company for a change. British lawmakers voted by a huge margin on Tuesday to ban smoking in every pub, club and indoor public space in England.
The law will now pass to the unelected upper House of Lords, where it is also expected to pass. If so, it will become law by mid-2007.
Ireland banned smoking in restaurants, pubs and workplaces in 2004, and six countries imposed bans on smoking of varying severity in 2005. But these counties don't opperate under a private club system. If they do away with smoking then this whole 'private club' thing is a farce and should be eliminated all over the state. Because it appears there's nothing private about them.

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