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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's a Hefe Fest!

If it seem like I give Squatters a lot of 'pub' It's because they actually talk to me! Go figure. So if you want the the Utah Beer bump. Hint, hint. Fire-off some electronic beer love to alegeek@gmail.com and I'll pimp the shit out of you(as long as your beer doesn't suck). Anyway, It looks like Jenny Talley got a 'shload' of wheat malt cause it's going to be a hef-fest at Squatters for the next month or so. First off is Mein Weisse a German-style Weisse beer. Jenny describes it as "Great clove-like phenolic notes mingle with hints of banana. Low hopping keeps this unfiltered wheat beer super refreshing so you can drink it all day long on the patio". The second is available at the end of May. Kindig Weisse (filtered wheat beer, named after her beer brewing grammy). Jenny said, "I used the same yeast strain (wyeast 3068) for both weisse brews. Kindig Weisse is my interpretation of a Krystal Weisse, filtered, straw colored, low hops and plenty of clove and banana to go around.

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