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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beer TV is a Go!

Last December we told you that Squatters brewmaster Jennifer Talley was recruited to be the host for a new television program devoted to all things beer. Apparently the beer gods have smiled upon her an deemed it good, because the green light has been given and On Tap is a go!

Jenny says; On Tap is expected to begin airing in the first quarter of 2009 on PBS, with filming to begin within the next few months. On Tap will present an inside look at how artisan microbrewers and their beers are taking the world by storm. Jenny, armed with 16 years of brewing experience from our very own Squatters brew pub will scour the country talking to brewers, chefs, and every day schmucks like us, for an inside glimpse on how beer is claiming it’s place at tables around the world.

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