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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Available???

Well, yes and no. The Bayou & the Beerhive both got ten cases of Uinta's big, big 11.0% beer and have it for sale right now. However the liquor stores are still without.

The Uinta guys tell me that the BBB has been in the hands of the DABC for at least two weeks and Uinta has no idea what the hell the hold up is.

As of now it looks like it will only be sold when the monopoly decides to get it on the shelves. It will be at SLC's two Wine Stores only.

There are also conflicting numbers on the bottle limit per person. A guy from the DABC(who's name I forgot) told me there's a one bottle limit per person, while Steve (El Presidente of Uinta Brewing) tells me three. I'm going to go with Steve. I mean it's his beer for Christ's sake!

If you happen to come across any, please post it up. And Steve if you have any further info we'd love to hear from you. Go Monopolies!!!


-yes, I know that's not the actual barleywine pictured above.


Ricky H. said...


I recall how fun it was to constantly, on my lunch breaks, pop into the liquor stores and see if I could get my hands on a BBB just to be turned away by someone who said, "It's in the back, but I can't sell it to you."

Boy howdy and I excited to go through that again. I guess I can't complain much, I picked up my 3 bottles and between my room mate and I we still have about 4 original BBBs left. It was a truly wonderful beer and I can't wait to try the new version against the old version.

---Ricky H.

Douglas said...

The BBBW is a nice brew, but the price is a bit high. I wonder how much of that is simply because of the state's high taxes. For example, in the past a Abyss (a barrel aged Imperial Stout) was 9.99 in Vegas and it is listed as 14.99$ here. Still though, I think that the pricing is too high, and unfortunately others have followed this trend of charging 15$ for a 650. Let me be clear: I will pay for the quality and work that goes into a barrel aged brew. I will buy more of this beer. I just wish it was more like 10$. I mean, how are Del and Mark supposed to sell this beer? They will have to charge over 20$. I suspect that higher taxes play a major part in this. (I am assuming that this batch is priced the same)

Josh said...

Is Abyss anywhere here yet? I would assume that Mike would do the right thing and have a nice post when it is, but since you brought it up there Douglas, I'm worried that I might have missed it. Actually, I'm in full panic mode.

Anyway, I do agree that 15 bucks is too much though for a single beer. If brewing a limited amount and using special bottles and a small amount of custom labels and so forth drives up the price, that's fine, but 15 does seem high. Also, the state taxes are significantly lower on beer brewed locally, so that can't be the only explanation.

Douglas said...

The Abyss is somewhere, I have no idea where. It's on the DABC list, but hasn't been sent to any place yet. You didn't miss it:)

colbylee said...

Hey everyone my warehouse (DABC club store) just sent out cases to three or four stores around the valley...one being the club store in Park City, and he I pretty sure the new and old wine stores will have a few of them.

Mikey said...

Josh, rumor from Carlson distributing is next week. I'll believe it when I see it.

Mikey said...

Ya hear that y'all? Thanks Colbylee.

Christian said...

It's in! Just picked up two bottles at $13.99 each from the downtown wine store.

Douglas said...

^ Was there a bottle limit? 3 again?

Andrew said...

There's still a 3 bottle limit. I picked up 3 today at the downtown wine store. I had to ask the cashier for it, there were no signs or bottles out. He mentioned to me that they still had several left, but that the only received a small amount.