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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Breweries Continue to Make Progress

I can't remember the last time two breweries opened up in Utah in the same year(if ever). Right now it looks like Epic Brewing And Shades of Pale Brewing are on pace to open months - if not weeks apart.

Below is "Mrs. Shades of Pale" Alexandra Ortiz Fargher cutting concrete for the mop sink drain. As well as SoP's Fermenters.

And over at Epic, Brewmaster Kevin went out to Oregon this week to inspect the JVNW brew house and cellar items. Kevin says "it is beautiful in person". The tanks should be in the brewhouse sometime next month.

I've had a chance to sample some of Epic's potential "home brewed" recipes. I was quite impressed by the styles they presented. It's gunna be a great year for all.



Douglas said...

You're right Mikey, this is awesome. I also thought that what I tried from the early homebrew batches was really nice. I'm ready to drink!

Anonymous said...

Do you have locations of where they will be?

Mikey said...

Epic is located on State Street in SLC on the east Side of 800 south. And Shades of Pale is in the Prospector Square area of Park City.