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Friday, February 19, 2010

New at the Beerhive 2/19/10

First we'll start with Witches' Brew from Brouwerij Van Steenberge out of Ertvelde,
Belgium. This one isn't new but they got a new shipment and if you haven't had it, check it out.

The second is Firestone Walker's Union Jack IPA. One of the best damn IPA's on the planet. It's taken far too long to get this in the market, considering FW's Double Barrel Pale and Pale 31 have been here for years. I think I'm gunna have a Pale-gasm tonight.

The Third I believe is Walker's Reserve - Robust Porter. Haven't had it... but gunna tonight!

Thanks to Colbylee the inside man at the DABC for the heads up.

Also, It's time to start pissing in Del's ear about putting a Beerhive website together. With all those photo's from the 19th Century hanging in his place, I think he forgets he's in the 21st. You know I loves ya Del.



Douglas said...

Sweet. I really want to try the Robust Porter. I guess I need to get over the the Beerhive!

Anonymous said...

(poor college student) my buddy is coming in next week from Seattle (driving) and promised to bring me whatever beer I wanted (of course I have to pay him). So far I asked for Walking Man"walking stick" stout, Deschutes Mirror mirror, Silver Moon "badlands bitter" and my old favorite Hair of the Dog. Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

(poor college student) just tried the Wasatch Winterfest. The beer seems to go from slightly bitter, herby hops, to malty molasses, back to dry, lightly bitter spicy finish. I like Wasatch beers, although it seems that Hop Rising, devestator, and this Winterfest are a little too similar. What do you guys think?

pAndybear said...

@poor college student:
A brewery often has a flavor that runs common throughout their beers or several of their beers, and this usually has to do with their house yeast strain. I have heard this said about Squatters Pub beers as well as the UBC's beers (these 3 beers you mentioned are brewed by them) and I have often felt that way about New Belgium beers, which use their distinctive proprietary (and originally stolen) Belgian yeast strain. That being said, The Hop Rising IIPA is as dissimilar a style from the Devastator Double Bock as could be. One is on the extreme end of the spectrum for hops, while the Devastator has very little hop presence and is very malt-forward, so I don't see you could think they are similar? One is an American-character ale and the other is a German-character lager. They are completely opposite one another in my mind. To me, the Winterfest is its own beast as well.
But then again, I think all rap sounds the same, while my urban buddies think all country sounds the same, and my dad thinks all Asians look the same. I think it depends on your exposure...
Don't forget the UBC's other bottlings: White Label Witbier, Squatter's IPA, Hell's Keep, Summerbrau, etc. I think they keep it pretty diverse.

Anonymous said...

(poor college student) Well I grew up stealing European beers from my friends fathers fridge (was a doctor from Germany) and so I have always enjoyed good beer. I must admit I have never attempted and definitely can not pick out small qualities in a beer I definitely can definitely differentiate between the different styles of beer. Could it be possible that the Devastator and the Hop Rising use similar ingredients just in different quantities? Cant put my finger on it but it definitely makes sense what you say about the brewer using the same yeas etc. I am glad to have these beers here nevertheless. I lived in Birmingham for a year before I came to Utah and could not find 1 local brewer. Utah Kicks Ass.

Mikey said...

I personally don't think they're all that similar in taste. Sure beers from the same breweries with have that "proprietary taste". But it's defiantly not the yeast in this case. One is a lager - one is an ale.