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Monday, February 08, 2010

Glissade, Just Okay

There have been a lot of new offerings in the area over the past few months, most have been pretty good, some... eh. One that I was really looking forward to was Sierra Nevada's Glissade. Sierra Nevada lists this as a Golden Bock, seems more like a Helles to me and not a great one.

Pours a crystal clear amber yellowish color with a nice 2 finger head. The head recedes quickly to a thin collar. The nose is fairly muted with hints of corn, estery alcohol and a slight amount yeasty funk. The taste is surprisingly simple for a SN beer in terms of flavor and complexity, all malty up front with very slight hop dryness at the end but very mildly hoped, simple easy flavor really for the most part nothing complex, simple and straightforward. Nothing offensive, mostly blah.

Kind of simple, nothing I would be seeking out again, an honest straight forward beer that really reminds of a euro lager more than anything else. Not one of SN's strongest offerings.



Douglas said...

nice label though:) The Rogue Chatoe is damn nice.

kent said...

Almost picked up a six pack the other day. I'll skip it. I've heard glowing reports of the Rogue Chatoe, nice to see those confirmed Douglas.

Brian said...

How about a review of Sierra Nevada's Torpedo? I've been loving it! Super hoppy!

Anonymous said...

(poor college student) I also was happy to find a new beer at the liquor store but as well was not overly impressed. I enjoyed the Wassail a little bit more than this one. I have been trying all of the Belgian ales at the liquor store, have of course tried the Trappist Ales but am trying some of the others. Expensive as hell, so it would be nice to have a bigger variety of regional Washington, Oregon, California beers!!!