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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brewery for Sale

                                                 THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD
If you've ever had dreams of getting your homebrew out of the kitchen and into your own brewery, the perfect opportunity may be at hand.

The Brewery located in the city of Tooele, Utah has been a staple for many in the west desert community.

Tracks has had it's ups and downs in the past decade. Between the inconsistent beer and an identity problem, the large - attractive brewpub seemed to have problems finding it's way as a craft beer destination.

Tracks seems to do well as a sports bar, but the craft beer side seems to have a tougher time. I don't know if it is due to inexperience or a lack of craft beer education in the community, but one thing is for sure it could be a huge opportunity for someone.

So, one groups lost may be another gain. Do you have the ability to recreate a craft beer island in the west desert and educate the people of Tooele about craft beer? this may be your day to shine.

• Approx. 9,538 SF
• 2 story brick/masonry construction
• Built 2001
• Land size approx. 1.82 acres
• Fully equipped restaurant and
• All furniture, kitchen equipment
and brewery equipment included
• Brewer equipment is a 10-barrel
Specific Mechanical system
• Sale price: $1,500,000

Scott Roberts
801.947.8300 office



Douglas said...

That's a shame. Are they already down? At least I went there once. The place was huge and looked new.

Mikey said...

It is closed. But everything inside is still there, even the spoons and the pictures on the walls.

Douglas said...

I guess the location will limit enthusiasm. But the brewing equipment could be moved.

Mikey said...

There have been offers for some of the brewing equipment. But they're only selling the system as a whole.

Scott said...


Tracks is open and operating with no plans to change. The property is for sale during operations. Please remove all referances to the closing of the facility.

Thank you,


Keith said...

Could you please email me regarding the cost for the system as a whole? Thanks


adeloney said...

I have a business partner looking at this property. Can you forward any information on this. we would like to move asap...Thnx

Mario said...

I am planning to open a brewery in Arizona, could you give me pricing on the entire brewing equipment