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Thursday, June 24, 2010

City Weekly Beerfest

We've been saying that this has been Utah's beer year for a couple of months now and with the exception of Tracks closing it's doors, there seems to be no stopping the new enthusiasm for Utah's beer.

Previous to last weekend, there has not been a large festival primarily devoted to beer since 2006. In the Fall of 2007 the Utah Brewers Festival was scheduled but was canceled due to inclement weather. Last year Snowbird did put on beerfest but it was part of the larger "Grill on the Hill" barbecue competition.

After years without a proper beer festival in Utah organizers are definatly making up for lost time. Snowbird recently put on the aptly named Snowbird Beerfest, yesterday we informed you about Brian Head Resorts first ever Beerfest and today we're happy to tell you that the City Weekly is putting on their own beer festival in Salt Lake City.

We're still waiting for City Weekly to respond to our emails - it's their fest, I'm sure they want to get the info out on their time table.

What we do have for you is that the City Weekly Beer Festival 2010 will be held on Saturday September 11th and will coincide with their first ever beer issue. No location has been made available to me yet, nor any other details.

At this point I don't anticipate that this beer festival will be any different than the others. My guess is that it will involve primarily local beers, including high ABV brands with local music and food.

It would be nice nice if they could convince some out of state breweries to participate by bringing some of their bottled beers, but I understand the logistics with bottles vs. kegs.

More info as becomes available.

Also happening this weekend, Beergoon! The Third Annual Beergoon Day will held at Lagoon this Sunday June 27th. and is put on by our good friends over at Tribute to Beer. Click on the link for all of the details.


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