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Friday, June 04, 2010

Utah's 2010 NABA Competition Winners

After wading through an ocean of beers this week we were finally able to award medals for this years NABA Competition. I'll post more details later but I wanted to make sure that everyone sees how well the Utah Crew performed.

Bohemian Brewery
Bronze: Mazen - Oktoberfest - Bohemian Oktoberfest
Bronze: Dark German Lagers - Devil's Elbow Dark

Desert Edge Brewery
Gold: Dry Stout - Latter Day Stout
Bronze: English Mild Ale - Festival Mild

Epic Brewing Company
Bronze: American Wheat Beers - Intermountain Wheat Beer
Gold: Belgian Strong Pale Ale - Brainless Belgian Golden Ale

Hoppers Grill & Brewing Co.
Bronze: Bohemian Pilsner - This is the Pilsener
Bronze: German Pilsner - This is the Pilsener Storehouse Reserve
Gold: Other Bock Beers - Double Black Lager

Moab Brewery
Gold: California Common - Merrimack Steamer
Gold: Ordinary Bitter - Deadhorse Ale

Red Rock Brewing Company
Gold: Specialty and Experimental Beers - Paardebloem
Bronze: California Common - Red Rock Steamer

Uinta Brewing
Gold: Imperial Stout - Labyrinth
Bronze: Wood Flavored Beer - Cockeyed Cooper
Bronze: Ordinary Bitter - Cutthroat
Bronze: (Special) Best Bitter - Anglers

Utah Brewers Cooperative
Silver: Belgian Wit (White) - Squatters Wit Bier
Gold: Dortmunder/ Export - Wasatch Summerbrau
Silver: Ordinary Bitter - Squatters Organic Amber

Wasatch Brewpub
Bronze: Kolsch - Summer Twilight

Here's the complete winners list.

Congrats boys and girls. I'll try and post some photos in the next few days.



Ed said...

Awesome -- Great work, everybody.

Brian said...

Such a good festival! Uinta's Labrinth and Red rocks Belgian Wit were my favsorite beers this year, a super black and real white. Way to go, Utah brewers!

Anonymous said...

Summerbrau makes me feel fine...

Jon Lee said...

Yes indeed! Very fine...

Looks like possibly all the Utah brewers that entered medaled. Way to go!


kent said...

Amazing results. Congratulations to you all.

Anonymous said...

So, is the labyrinth black ale, is actually a stout? it makes sense that it could be called black ale but i have never heard that term for stout, cant wait to try this one.

Dave said...

hey Mikey, How bout posting the complete winners list at this yrs fest? Thanks

Mikey said...

Ok, Dave. Done.

Mikey said...

Labyrinth is an Imperial Stout. They can call it a Black Ale for whatever marketing purposes they can think of. But if you've had it you know. If it's not, it's the best non-Imperial stout the NABA Judges had...

Matt said...

Utah brewers swept the ordinary bitter category.. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

(poor college student) well I love the new big uinta beers, had them all (expensive as all hell) am a poor college student, interested in beers from $2-$4 that are new? There is not much that has reached Ogden yet. Am moving to Portland in December so need to find a few good beers by then any new stuff cheap?