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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Provo Girl's New Look

Back in 2002 when Utah was under the worlds Olympic microscope, the German makers of St. Pauli Girl took notice of our beloved St. Provo Girl from Squatters and decided that she resembled their iconic girl just a bit too much. And they definatly weren't happy with the play on the name. So they poo-pooed her. "Change her or face litigation", they cried and Squatters complied. Thus began the extensive wardrobe changes we now know.

Sadly, today's St. Provo Girl isn't content with the skimpy bar maid outfit, but she's still ever bit as cheeky. So starting this week you'll get to know the new Provo Girl. Every quarter throughout the year a different label will be released with a different image of Provo Girl. Here's some previews.


1 comment:

Bror Erickson said...

OH MY HECK!!! I think I like the new look. A, what the hell, I'll commit to buying a six pack every quarter...