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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rockets for Your Pockets

We've seen a full array of new beers over the last couple of months - big beers in equally big bottles that have been selling like there's no tomorrow. So what do you do to stay competitive in a market where big beers currently reign supreme? Go small.

Reliving some of his fondest beer memories growing up in Milwaukee, Wasatch Brewing founder Greg Schirf; In a moment of nostalgia has decided to bring back the Pocket Rocket. "We used to call them 'Pocket Rockets' because we could put them in our pockets and take them anywhere. They were down in two swigs and always stayed cold. Miller and Pabst both had them when I was growing up in the 70's and I just remembered them as being a lot of fun and perfect for the right occasion."

Schirf is calling his 7 ounces "Little Slammers". They will be available in a 4% Alcohol by Volume for the grocery store market called Classic Lager and a higher 5.2% Alcohol by Volume for the liquor store called Wasatch Golden Ale.

"Sometimes you just need a quick hitter", he added "as an old fart, I have been doing this beer thing for 24 years now, I decided to indulge myself with a blast from the past. Kind of a toast to my misspent youth."

I've always loved the idea of small bottles. Sometimes I think that a massive - boozy beer served from a Jeroboam sized bottle makes about as much sense as hunting quail with a bazooka. Not always... but occasionally.

The first "Little Slammer" released is the Golden Ale, available right now at the Utah Brewers Cooperative and within the next few weeks at liquor stores.

Pours a bright gold color with a pale white head. The nose has notes of sweet corn, a subtle grassy/herbal hop profile and toasty malts. Taste has a definite malt sweetness to it with a crisp, dry hoppiness to it. Very drinkable, great tasting "Lawn Mower" brew. 5.2% abv.

The "little Slammer" Classic Lager should be available by the weeks end. Sold at the Co-op and grocery stores.



Anonymous said...

Once Shurtleff and Waddoups and Valentine find out that teenagers are carrying these around in their pockets at school, they will be banished from the grocery store like the alcopops were. If they find out that people are carrying them around on the streets and covertly drinking in public, they will be banished from the state.

Al said...

Ya, whatever that Guy said..(betcha he owns guns *and* bullets) anyways...
Tried one tonight, Golden Ale, I agree it is very corny/vegetable which I usually don't like in beers but seems to work w/ this one.
I like big cans/bottles of session beer and small bottles of big beer.
They just don't get it, but I guess it's good.

Anonymous said...

Do they sell 40's of the "Little Slammers"?
Or maybe they might make available 30-Pack suitcases of them.
Will never buy the cute little things, but if my wife will I might.

Anonymous said...

Who puts a beer in his pocket? A flask maybe.

Ricky H. said...

So, on Monday I picked some of the Slammers up. I agree with you all, they are perfectly good session beers. The problem I have with them is that they are 7$+ a six pack, about the same price as one of their normal sized six packs.

And partially why I went to go pick some up was I was hoping that they could be re-bottled for my home brew. They are cute little bottles, but unfortunately they are twist top.

All in all, they are pretty good and I am sure I may pick another pack up in the future, but not on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

I really like this idea. Smaller bottles are a good thing. Unless it is a very special beer or something, I am tired or 22 oz and larger bottles. I much prefer 16 oz or smaller..

Greg Schirf said...

Hey Mikey,
Saw you blogg on Little Kings and could not agree more. I was so stupid when I rolled out our first beer in 1986 ( Wasatch Premium Ale) it was in a green bottle. I grew up in the generattion when we though Henniken was cool because it tasted different. We were just too naive to realize it was different because it was so skunky. It was different that Miller so we thought it was special. I changed from our green bottle after two years when an old time German brew master asked me, " on a scale of 1 -10 with a flint bottle being a 1, ( bad) what do you think a green bottle does for a beer?" I said, " probably a 7 or 8." He said no. A green bottle would be a 3. Thus the skunk in all green bottled beer.

Also wondering why we have people posting anonymously? What a bunch of little sissy bitches. If you can't man up on your post, shut your pie hole.

One last thought, our Little Slammers are offf to a smoking start. Sometimes less is more.

Greg Schirf
Founder Wasatch Brewery

Anonymous said...

We have anonymous posts so people like you don't find out who we are. Hell, I work for you.
Plus, who cares! As if everyone who has a name here, is honest. I don't think you are Schirf, anyways.
Love, Sissy Bitch
P.s. We want more beer not less, less is less, not more! WTF!

Anonymous said...

"Woman up", is the term I like to use...

Anonymous said...

You obviously dont work for greg schirf. I do and none of us are ever scared of telling him what we think to his face. He definately doesnt closet his feelings or expect us to. Maybe you cant handle honest beer.
Cindi robinson

Anonymous said...

Second to last anonymous ( Kevin), I can gurante you don't work for me. Those of us who work at the Utah Brewers Cooperative respect each other and welcome an OPEN heathy debate.

Given some of the big beers, in big bottles I have had lately, they would be better off served in thimbles.

Little Slammers are off to the races because they have their place and time. I especially like them for breakfast.

Put that in your pipe, WTF

Greg Schirf

Strange Dave S. said...

To Schirf.
If You Cared About Beer as much as you claim to you would have gotten rid of the silly screw off caps that paper your beer up so quick that I refuse to drink them from the grocery store or Quicky Marts. Thanks for the Beer Store where I know I can get your beer fresh but scrap those outdated "convenient" caps, They OXydize your beer!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're only 7oz's because I agree about them being Corny/Vegetable/Cabbage which I believe = DMS.
HomeBrewer Hal Denton