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Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Utah Beer Fest Preview

It's Beerfest time tomorrow and if you haven't picked up you tickets for the City Weekly Utah Beer Festival, you'd better get on it! There are a limited number number of tickets available and the price goes up ten bucks if you wait until tomorrow.

Tickets are available at most participating breweries, City Weekly's Offices downtown and at Smithtix.

In past beer festivals your were able to bring children and pets. This is not the case for this particular festival. It all a technicality on the type of permit for the festival. So leave Rover and the kiddies with Gramps and Granny.

Need more info? I shot a preview story for Fox13 News. Hope to see you there!



kent said...

Nicely done promo. Hope to see you all there. Looks like the weather should be perfect.

kent said...

Typed promo mean preview. Very nicely done.

Jess--Sugar High said...

NO kids?! Nice! Can't wait

Anonymous said...

Crooked beer made by a crooked person

ink said...

Great; pay $25 to wait in line for 30 minutes for a 3oz beer. I'm staying home next year.

Douglas said...

Any other reviews?

kent said...

I didn't think it was bad for a first year event. It had some rough spots though. If I had to make any suggestions it would be to split up the brewers a bit. The lines were so long that they blended together and you had no idea what line you were actually in. Twice I aimed for Shades of Pale and ended up hitting other brewery's. Hoppers once (the Knockers is fantastic by the way) and Epic another time. I did eventually hit SoP. By about 3:30 the crowd was getting a bit rowdy in places. Nothing terrible but you could see where it might head that way. There seemed to be a sizable contingent who's goal was to get blasted and that was a bit of a shame. All in all the folks I brought had a good time and said they'd go again.

Ed said...

Good time, for sure. Yeah there were a few kinks, but that's to be expected from a "first annual" event. With that in mind, it could have been a lot worse... I think it's actually good news that there's a demand for something larger -- and I'm sure they'll work on that next year.

Sure, the lines got long; Welcome to a beer festival. If it's your goal to sample a lot of different beers, you need to show up early and leave before the rednecks and pseudo-fratboys get belligerent. I wish it didn't work that way, but here we are.

Good to know it wasn't just me that had trouble finding the Shades of Pale line -- although Hoppers was a nice consolation prize ;)

Great showing from all of the brewers. I was really glad that they brought some beers other than their flagship products, which I've already "sampled" a truckload of (usually my biggest gripe about events like this).