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Friday, September 03, 2010

Shades of Pale News

Tenacity. You've got to have plenty of it when your brewery is literally a one man band operation. Shades of Pale Brewing Company, the little brewery in Park City doesn't get a lot of press (yet), but the enthusiasm of owner/brewer Trent Fargher keeps people interested in his beers; even if he has to give them away.

And that's exactly what he's planning on doing (sort of) at the Utah Beer Festival a week from tomorrow. Shades of Pale's initial line up is set and will be available for sampling. "We have 240 gallons of beer ready to enter kegs for chilling and carbonation for the event, hope we have enough". Trent told me earlier in the week.

Three styles we will be pouring, Parley's Pale White Ale, Slippery Slope Espresso Stout and A Perfect Stranger Kolsch. They have all come a long way and will be part of the foundational line in the coming months.

Trent is also working on three others new beers that will be ready in November and is planning on a late October - early November release date.

If your planning on attending the Utah Beer Fest, be sure you stop by Shades of Pale and get to know the New Kid.



kent said...

Excellent I can't wait to taste it. I'm dragging as many aspiring beer geeks as I can find to this shindig.

Amanda said...

One more reason to be excited for the beer fest!

Ricky H. said...

I can't wait to try his stuff. I named Parley's and I still haven't tried it. I'll see you all at the fest! I can't wait.