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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chubbies for Sale!

The Wasatch/Squatters Chubbies are now on sale at the Utah Brewers Co-op Beer Store. Squatters IPA is available right now and the new Wasatch Golden Ale should be out this week (if not already out). There are four labels set to be released in the 5 liter mini kegs. The Chubbies sell for $23.95 and will soon be available in many Utah Liquor Stores.

The Great American Beer Festival is this week and many of the local brewers will be out of town representing. This means many of the smaller brewery beer stores will be closed or have limited hours, so check before heading out.

Also, Jenny and Jason over at Squatters have brewed-up the second release of last years hit, Outer Darkness Imperial Stout. It's scheduled for release on or near Halloween. Rumors are Outer Darkness may become a year round offering. Stay tuned.



Travis said...

Hmm....a Chubby might do well for my trip to the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival this weekend.

kent said...

Okay I'm psyched. Anyone have a link or recommendation on one of the appropriately sized kegerators?

Anonymous said...

I assume Beer Nut sells taps that will work well with these? Not that I'd ever be able to make one last more than a day or two, but still.

Jon Lee said...

For what it's worth the next "Outer Darkness" was made at the co-op and we will have about 10 times more bottles available this year.

kent said...

Thanks a bunch Jon Lee. I'm thrilled to hear that. I've only got one bottle left form the original batch, and I've been hankering to drink it.